As part of the wider LPW group, LPW Fleetsales specialise in buying and selling ex-supermarket vans and used delivery vehicles across the UK.

LPW Fleetsales operate from six national locations, and have de-fleeted and sold over 4,000 vehicles to date.

In addition to offering professional truckwash, tankwash, and mobile fleet cleaning services, our group fleetsales division can further benefit your fleet management needs.

Through years of experience and industry knowledge, we are used by renowned brands and independent operators to provide a first-class service with the best price guaranteed every time.

We believe in making your vehicle buying and selling experience as easy and simple as possible. We are well established and have built a strong reputation with our growing customer base over the years of working together.

About Fleetsales

Best Price Guaranteed: We are committed to paying the best possible price for your vehicles each and every time

Large Fleets: As a trusted partner, we can work with you to manage larger fleet requirements

Variety of Sizes: We buy a wide range of vehicles in various different sizes and conditions

Regional Presence: With locations across the UK, we are one of the most accessible sellers in the UK

Holding Compound: Keep your fleet secure on our site while selling, giving you more time and space

Flexible Service: Whether you’re de-fleeting, or at the end of a lease, our services suit a range of needs.

Contact us

For more information about buying or selling your used vehicles, contact Toby Chesworth on 0113 8872391, or email to speak to the team.