There are many ways to pay for using our Truckwash sites, contact us to set up an account, or drivers can pay on site with cash, credit/debit cards or fuel cards. However there is another way- we issue pre-paid wash tokens, so drivers can come into the wash, simply hand over the token and have their vehicle cleaned at any of our sites.

To purchase our wash tokens all you need to do is contact us to let us know how many tokens you’d like and what types of vehicles they are for. You can additionally enter specific registration numbers or driver’s names for added security in case they are lost.

This is a fantastic way to ensure a clean fleet, without drivers having the hassle of paying on site, or claiming back any wash. It’s perfect for smaller fleets who don’t qualify for payment on account.

We are hoping to roll out an electronic version of our wash tokens at some point this year, which will be available in our online shop. The aim of the electronic tokens is to make the process quicker, easier and more accessible to those who wish to buy online. Our paper versions will still be available though.

Once a wash token is bought, it can be used at any LPW site- you can see our up to date locations here.

Truck wash payments