As we approach the colder months and – with it – more challenging road conditions, it is essential to consider which winter cleaning products you will use to protect your fleet.

Though LPW Fleetcare products are sought-after and available all year round, winter weather and conditions cause a higher seasonal demand. All of our products are specifically designed and tested to give you the best results, and keep your vehicles in the best possible condition this winter.

Popular Winter Cleaning Products to Protect your Fleet


LPW Fleetcare Screenwash is a high quality product which can be diluted in its concentrate form at the rate of 1 – 10 parts during summer months, and 1 – 2 parts in winter. It is effective down to sub-zero temperatures.

Our screenwash is supplied in both concentrate and pre-mixed, ready to use solutions. A loaned mixing unit is supplied and installed for all concentrate bulk orders. A top up service is available following initial delivery.

Our industrial pressure washer range includes heavy duty hot and cold jet wash equipment specifically designed for commercial environments.

Pressure Washers

LPW FLeetcare pressure washers are robust, reliable, and can help to significantly reduce service time and costs. Our high pressure chemical system also improves cleaning performance with the efficient use of chemicals. All models include industrial trigger, lance and 9 metre twin wire hose as standard.

Traffic Film Remover

Our Traffic Film Remover is caustic and solvent free to guarantee an excellent clean while protecting vehicle livery.

Specifically formulated and designed to effectively remove road dirt and traffic film, our market-leading product is used to clean over 20,000 vehicles each week in the UK. LPW Fleetcare TFR is available in Ultra Wash or Ultra Wash Plus for heavy cleaning, and comes in a range of quantities with monthly top-up options.

Driver Pack Kit

LPW Fleetcare?s Driver Pack Kit provides everything drivers need to maintain vehicle cab cleanliness, all within one durable drawstring bag.

Each bag contains several items, including: New Trim Dashboard Cleaner; Glass & Plastic Cleaner; air freshener; microfibre specialist cleaning cloths; a sweeping brush, and dust pan.

Mobile Fleetwash

Upkeeping fleet maintenance can be difficult, especially in challenging winter conditions. Mobile Fleetwash provide a specialist service 24/7, offering a supreme fleet wash wherever you are based, at a time to suit you.

Our nationwide network of Mobile Truck Washing Units are currently cleaning over 15,000 vehicles every week across the UK. This, together with over 45 year’s experience, make Mobile Fleetwash the largest and most professional vehicle cleaning company in the UK.

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